Dear Work From Home Hopeful,

It's time for some straight talk about how to get a work at home job.

It's time someone gave you the unvarnished truth about why it seems so hard to find a reliable job these days.

I mean how to REALLY get a long term, stable, reliable source of consistent money flowing into your bank account, all while working from the comfort of your home office.

My name is Sylvie Fortin. I've been working from home full time since the early 90's.

I've made millions selling my services online. That isn't an exaggeration. I've sold more than 3.7 million dollars in services in the last few years.

I've been an employee for large companies. I've been a full time freelancer, and I've hired countless freelancers to work with me in my service business.

I've seen it all! The mistakes, the heartaches, the frustration, and the utter bliss of never having to deal with a commute, ever again.

First, let's see if any of this sounds familiar to you...

  • You've searched the classifieds looking
    for "work at home job" ads.
  • You've applied to countless job ads,
    desperately hoping for a response.
  • You've gotten lots of responses, all with
    instructions on where to send your money
    to "qualify" for more information about the job.
  • You've sent in your money to some of them,
    even when you knew better.
  • You are doubtful that any jobs really exist after all.

If you found yourself nodding at any of these scenarios, you aren't alone!

The sad fact is that the real reason so many people have such a hard time finding legitimate work at home jobs is because the best employers never, ever place ads online!

Quite simply, it doesn't matter how many "work at home job" ads you respond to, few of them will ever result in a real job.

The real jobs are out there, and are plentiful, but they don't appear in job databases or classifieds. The real jobs, the truly lucrative jobs, are given to those who "know someone".

Yep, that's the unvarnished truth. The truth no one wants you to hear. It isn't what you know that matters. It's WHO you know.

You can get angry about it. You can stomp your feet. You can get frustrated. But you cannot change the fundamental nature of human beings.

People will always trust their friends sooner than they trust a stranger. And when employers have a job opening, the person they think of first will be the one they know they can trust.

A few years ago, I wrote a book (You Can Work In Your PJS) about how to create your own work at home jobs. Lately, I've been thinking that it might be time to update it. The content is still valid and very valuable, but between you and I, it could really use a modern touch.

There is so much more new information these days, and new technology that allows us to learn so much faster than ever before! It took me over a year to write my book, back when writing a book was the only way to teach these things.

But now, there's a new kid on the block, and he's updated everything so I don't have to do it myself!

I'm so happy to have found Brian McElroy! Brian did exactly what I would have done myself if I weren't so busy working on my business.

I am ever grateful to him for taking the time to not only give us a modern look at how to get the best paying jobs online, but he did it by shooting a video training series that goes into specific details on how to get any job you want, with the click of a mouse.

I'll let him tell you his story in his own words, but I want you to keep this in mind as you read his letter...

Working from home doesn't have to be difficult! You can make a truly lucrative income if you know how to find the jobs
no one advertises.

Brian's methods are absolutely priceless, and the fact that he's willing to share them should tell you something.

If the jobs were as scarce as some people would like you to believe, why on earth would Brian or I share our trade secrets with you? It would be stupid for us to pull back the curtains on our business models, if it meant we could be potentially creating our own competition, wouldn't it?

The truth is that there is a LOT of money to go around, and the fact is, we are so swamped every day by new clients that we don't have time to keep up with it all by ourselves.

Brian and I both know that sharing our own trade secrets with you will never hurt our own businesses. There's just too much work out there and not enough trained people who
are willing to do it.

I am 100% confident that if you follow Brian's training videos, you're going to make money. A LOT of money!

In fact, his methods virtually guarantee your success because he teaches you how to get paid what you're really worth, and not the mere pittance that some telecommuting jobs pay.

So, please take a moment out of your job searching,
and pay close attention to what Brian has to say.

It could make the difference between your success and failure.

To Your Success!

Sylvie Fortin
CEO / Founder Inc.

From the Desk of Brian McElroy

Hi, I'm Brian McElroy. I write sales copy for internet business owners looking for top-notch results...but there's a lot more to me than that!

I'm originally from Minnesota. It's been a while since I've voluntarily spent 6 months underneath a blanket of snow though.


After graduating from Notre Dame with a degree in Economics, I took off on an overseas adventure that has yet to slow down. I travel A LOT, and love living abroad, encountering new cultures, and learning languages. I'm working on my fifth so far, and I hope there will be more to come.

My professional background includes founding and directing a non-profit organization, starting and running two successful marketing and information publishing businesses, and extensive volunteer service in the US and abroad.

I now live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I run my very lucrative business from my home office.

But, enough about me, let's talk a little about why I do what I do for a living, and why you should pay attention to what I'm about to share.

I work with a lot of very wealthy internet-based entrepreneurs. Some of them specialize in teaching people how to start an internet-based business.

They have priceless advice for people strapped for cash.

brightidea"When you're starting out with a home based business, don't start by investing a lot of your hard earned money! Just grab some easy, guaranteed money by selling a service first, then use your client's money and knowledge to grow your own business"

I say it's priceless because it can literally save you from financial ruin, and keep your home business hopes alive.

When you sell a service you...

Get paid straight to your PayPal account, upfront - instant cash baby!
Develop relationships with long-term clients and potential partners.
Learn valuable new skills that you can immediately apply in your own business, or to getting even more new clients.

And, best of all...

Get Paid To Learn The Best Business On Earth!

Before you go thinking that this is a minimum-wage gig, you should know ...I went from zero dollars to six figures in less than six months by selling my services!

You see, while a lot of people give good advice when they say start with services ... they leave out the key piece of the puzzle.

If I had kept writing for $10 per page as a ghostwriter like when I started, I would be a washed up hobo on the streets of Miami right now, rather than living in a gorgeous bachelor pad in Rio de Janeiro.

Since I don't want you to be stuck working for pennies, I'm going to show you a way to sell your services like you've never seen before.

Here's what makes my methods different:

Do you want to do this...? Or do you want this...?
checkmark Sell a single service checkmarkyes Sell multiple services and widen your money net!
checkmark Work hard now to get paid later (hopefully!) checkmarkyes Get paid cash up front, straight to your PayPal account!
checkmark Work for minimum wage checkmarkyes Work on projects up to $10,000 or more (actual examples included!)
checkmark Scrounge for new projects checkmarkyes Get a constant stream of new clients on autopilot!
checkmark Find a handful of "one time" clients who pay you a pittance checkmarkyes Get clients who are raving fans and word-of-mouth machines who advertise for you for free every day!

As you can tell, this is no ordinary work at home training program.

At this point, you might be wondering... will this work for me?

That's a very valid question, because it won't do you any good if my methods can't be duplicated by anyone!

Well, let me let you in on a little secret...

When I first decided to start my own home based business, the methods I'm teaching you are exactly (step by step) what I did to make 6 figures in 6 months -- and I had absolutely zero special knowledge or training.

You can do this, too!

In fact, it doesn't matter where you are in the world -- I operate out of Brazil, yet I'm working on three projects worth several thousand dollars each, working with consulting clients at $200 per hour, and running three $1000 coaching programs.

How Would You Like Your
Paychecks To Look Like That?

I don't really have any "secrets"... just a series of deadly effective strategies absolutely guaranteed to change the way you look at services forever!

Let me lay it out for you in step-by-step detail, so you know exactly what you'll be able to sink your teeth into in just moments from now...

Video 1

How To Sell Services Online For Instant Cash

Here's what I've covered in this video...

Why selling services is the quickest, easiest, most foolproof way to get instant results online (try getting $2,500 checks from ad sense your first month!)
Why sitting around wishing for cash is hopeless, and how to jump into action immediately
bullet The one service that almost every business owner needs, arrowbut no one ever tells you how to sell!
bullet How to be open for business in 24 hours or less!
bullet The secret to getting your first client, even if you have no experience, no contacts, no testimonials, no website, and no clue where to start!
bullet The best people to target, especially if you want high paying, fiercely loyal, openly grateful, long term clients for life
bullet How to get paid cash up front and make your clients overjoyed to do it
bullet Why some _____ are worthless, while others will help you launch a long term cash producing business

And that is just the first video! I have 37 more instant cash services secrets to share with you! The actual information is delivered via fast-paced high-quality video that you can download right to your desktop.

Video 2

The Internet Is Overflowing With Customers Who Want To Pay You Money, Today!
bullet Rule number 1 -- think like a _____ or continue to get paid like _____!
bullet You're not a service provider, you're a person ___ ___ ___
(they get paid way more)
bullet The biggest reason why some service providers are fat and happy, while others are poor and hungry.
bullet The most obvious places to pick up clients starting today (people are literally sitting by their computers, waiting to send you money).
bullet Why most people fail with _____ marketing, and how you can set yourself apart from everyone else (I set up a completely passive recurring income stream with just this one method, it's really quite simple!)
bullet What most people won't tell you about _____ marketing (and why most people who use it are broke)
bullet How to put together a service website that sells within 24 hours or less (don't worry, I'm a total technophobe so it won't be difficult)
bullet How to turn traditional traffic generation techniques into $1,000 paydays (this will blow away article marketers!).
bullet The key to turning your website into a client generation machine.


Video 3

How To Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition -- Permanently!
bullet How to get clients to come flocking to you and pay your desired rates (no more stupid discounts!)
bullet The missing link that turns word-of-mouth marketing into a raging river of new leads
bullet How word-of-mouth marketing can work against you --
and how to avoid it!
bullet How you can _____ _____ _____ _____ when providing a service, and make your clients giddy to do business with you over and over again (I'm serious, don't say I didn't warn you)
bullet Why your competition won't stand a chance -- how to specialize in any highly competitive field and target a market that's ready to dole out serious cash.
bullet How to market yourself as a ______
(you've probably never done this before, but I'll give you plenty of ideas to run with).
bullet If you don't have any _____ _____, then you need to get some fast!
bullet How to build up a network of referral partners and help each other get highly paid business around the clock.
bullet How to get movers and shakers to say "how high" when you say jump, and send business to you at the crack of your whip!


Video 4

How To Use High End Services To Revolutionize Your Profit Funnel
bullet How to use high end services as backend offerings in your profit funnel to increase your profit by double, triple or more (just like I've done)
bullet The simple shift in mindset that can have an impact across your entire business (ignore this and your income will always have a ceiling)
bullet How to get paid to do the most lucrative _____ _____ you'll ever encounter
bullet The simple steps to becoming a highly paid consultant, even if you've never done it before.
bullet How to create a constant stream of high paying clients asking you to take their money on autopilot (I discovered this by accident, and am I ever glad I did!)

Video 5

Your High End Profit Funnel

This is where it starts to get kind of crazy, hold on for a wild ride...

bullet If you can be a consultant, you can be a ___,
and charge handsomely for your time
bullet How to turn highly paid services into high end products
(thought you were just selling time for money? Think again!)
bullet The ultimate _____ _____ trick for high and services (You could multiply your profits by 10 using just this one technique)
bullet How to charge premium fees without spending years of
exhaustive effort to get there
bullet How to save yourself a ton of headaches by only working
with the best of the best.
bullet The ultimate leverage points (i.e., how I get paid $10,000 for a single project)

If this were the end, I would feel comfortable with
having delivered massive, overwhelming,
"I can't believe he fit all of that in five videos" value.

But after more than a few sips of my over-caffeinated extra forte Brazilian style coffee, I decided to go back and create this amazing bonus video...


Unique Strategies To Develop Highly Lucrative Income Streams With Instant Cash Services
bullet How to gain instant benefits in cash flow, positioning, and product development
bullet The best tip I could possibly give you to start selling more high and services without doing a bit of extra work
bullet How to cash in on high ticket services- even if no one pays you
a dime for them!
bullet How to get paid over and over again from services you rendered
in the distant past
bullet How to create one of the most lucrative products and get paid to do so in advance
bullet How to use high and services to create the ultimate products and solutions for your target market.
bullet The services that I personally offer, why I offer them, and why people pay me a premium!



Sylvie Fortin's personal "Out Of My Own Pocket" guarantee

I'm going to interrupt Brian here, because I think it is critically important to understand that I want you to be completely comfortable with your decision today.

See, I am willing to put my own money where Brian's mouth is!

I am so certain that these videos are going to completely change the way you run your work at home service business, that I will personally give you a 100% refund if you are not entirely and completely satisfied with what he's teaching you.

Yes, you read that correctly. 100%. Refund. Guaranteed. Period.

Okay, I can hear you saying that you're ready to get started with high paying services. Now you just want to know how much it costs!

Well, I have some good news for you...

Normally it would be a crime to charge, anything less than $197 for this video training series, and in fact, that's exactly what I'll charge the general public.

However, Sylvie arm wrestled me to give her friends a much better deal, so feel free to rob me blind with this "I don't know how long it will last" special discount offer!

I'm offering you the entire video training series, plus the Bonus video today for just $47!

Click here to lock in your discount today


Due to the overwhelming value of this offer, this incredible package is available at this low price for only the first 100 lucky people who are also counted among Sylvie's online friends.

Order now and start cashing in with your very own profitable services!

All success,
Brian McElroy

PS. You can literally get started today, and have cash rolling in tomorrow

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